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One of the most unique things you’ll learn about Linda is her extreme love of the Christmas season.

Every year she and her husband Phil, fill the house with Christmas trees and scenes to create a Winter Wonderland. “First and foremost, Christmas is about the birth of our Savior and the true reason for the season. That makes me want to share the Christmas Spirit of love with others. It’s so much fun to see the amazement in a child’s eyes (happens to adults too) when they come into our home and see all the lights and wonderment”.

Linda’s Extravaganza includes 15 trees. Each have their own theme or they’re part of a bigger scene which may include Santa, reindeer, polar bears, penguins and more. Her husband’s favorite is full of hand-painted ornaments from kids and grandchildren over the span of 40 years. You’ll find simple, elegant, and grandiose. New scenes have been added each year so everywhere you look, you’ll see a winter wonderland.

“The tradition of decorating really grew to a large scale when my mother-in-law lived with us during the last 6 years of her life. She and I shared a love of Christmas and Thomas Kincaid so our collections grew to include a full-size nativity scene which is gorgeous, a Christmas Village, a Talking Night Before Christmas House, Nativity Mountain, Ornaments, Santa Claus’ and much more”.

Linda gets immense satisfaction from sharing her labor of love with the family, grandkids and anyone who wants to come visit and check it out.



Linda worked for the same company for 34 years which went though multiple mergers. During one of the mergers, Linda’s pension was essentially stolen as the company she was working for eliminated the pensions. This was a known tactic taken by many companies to make their financials look better to buyers.

After working for a company for decades and being promised a guaranteed income for her loyalty, the company could change their plan and leave her with nothing. That just doesn’t seem right!!

“It was heart-breaking”, she said, “you would like to think that after dedicating 34 years to one company, that someone would stand up for you and make sure you were given what you were promised. But that doesn’t happen in a corporate setting. The Leaders of these companies were also many times rewarded themselves after making these decisions while the employees were the ones who really lost everything. After reading the book Retirement Heist by Ellen Schultz, it really hit me how much we were used as pawns in a game – it wasn’t a game to us!”

After losing her retirement, Linda embarked on a mission to help people avoid that disaster.

“I want to ensure what happened to me doesn’t happen to others. PhD and Presidential Advisor Olivia Mitchell says you can put the ‘pension back into retirement’. That’s exactly what I do for my clients. Don’t depend on someone else, control your own future.”


Linda grew up in central Pennsylvania on a farm with her parents and 3 older brothers. Her father was a World War II purple heart recipient, a rural mail carrier for 46 years and a dairy farmer.

“Dad was amazing and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever known. He was up at the crack of dawn to milk cows, then drove a 70 mile mail route through 5 counties, afterwards working on the farm planting or making hay or whatever chores were needed for the season until dark. Work never stops on a farm. He also volunteered for the local fire company, cemetery association and church. My father’s example of hard work and dedication and being a community leader is one I’ve tried to emulate throughout my life”

Linda also worked doing farm chores with her brothers, “My three older brothers would say that since I was the baby and a girl, I got off easy. While my chores were different than theirs, I’m not sure there are any easy jobs on the farm. But I did love feeding the animals”

Linda also loved sports and played many throughout high school and beyond.

“I love sports, playing softball, basketball and I was also a cheerleader. Softball was my favorite and I kept playing beyond high school with tournament teams. We won a State Championship which was an experience to remember.”


This is a solid foundation in Linda’s Life.

“I grew up in the church and was taught by my parents to love everyone equally and not be critical of others who are different from me. I still strive to live by that today. I believe that we should all Love One Another”.

“I believe that God is my Heavenly Father and that he has predestined us, giving us talents that are meant to be used to help others and bless them with our gifts”.


Growing up on a farm allowed her to interact with all kinds of animals and it’s where she first found her love of animals, especially feeding the calves or the multitudes of kittens. Her two current fur babies include a Dorkie, named Zeva who is a mix of Dachshund and Yorkie. Zoey is a mixed breed, called a Teddy Bear.

No surprise with her love of Christmas, there is even a “doggie” tree. It got started many years ago and is adorned with Dachshund ornaments, a dachshund tree skirt and personalized ornaments dedicated to Sissi (former fur baby), Zeva & Zoey.


Integrity is one of the values instilled in Linda from the time she grew up. My family always taught me to follow the Golden Rule of “Do until others as you would have them do unto you”.

Work Hard, Be Patient, Good Things come to Those who put in the efforts were things that Linda learned from her parents. They were always very supportive of everything she did and provided such a stable and loving environment. Every child should be so lucky!

“I’ve always tried to live my life and do business in a way that makes people want to recommend me to their closest family and friends”

These 6 Critical Questions To Find Out If You Are Retirement Ready

Do you have answers to them all?

1. How much income will my retirement savings give me?

Conventional wisdom on Wall Street said 4% out of your nest egg should last as long as you live. Now these ‘experts’ cut that number down to just 2.5%.

That means if you have $500,000 saved, you get just $12,500 of income per year, before taxes.

Even adding social security income, for most retirees that won’t be close to enough. People will likely take more than the 2.5% recommended, and the money will likely run out. Which leads us to the next question…

2. How old will I be when I run out of money?

Has your financial advisor shown you exactly when your money will run out? How old will you be? 75? 80? 85? Never?

This is the most critical question to know the answer to, yet most people do not. If you don’t know this number, it’s time to get an accurate analysis immediately.

3. How much will a market crash decrease my income?

Everyone knows there are market ups and downs, and if the market crashes 30%, how will that impact your retirement income? HINT: it’s not just a 30% reduction in your monthly income. It could mean running out of money years sooner than you expected.

4. How much guaranteed income will I have in retirement?

The backbone of American retirement used to be pensions. Retirees had the peace of mind they could enjoy retirement with an income lasting as long as they lived. In retirement income is King, and these traditional pensions provided that.

401(k)’s and IRA’s invested stocks, bonds and mutual funds offer no such guarantees, no such peace of mind. But there are financial vehicles that can guarantee an income that pays you (and even your spouse) for the rest of your lives, just like the pensions of old. The question is how much of your retirement income is protected and guaranteed?

5. How much tax will I pay on my qualified plans?

Tax expert and TV celebrity Ed Slott says “Taxes are your single biggest retirement risk. Most people are shocked with they realize how much taxes will cost when they take income from their nest egg.”

Income from traditional IRA’s and 401(k)’s will be taxed, and Social Security is taxed up to 85%. How much will this hurt your income? You could easily see a monthly income of $3,000 drop to $2,400, a $600 hit, just from paying 20% taxes. With over 21 Trillion in government debt, what happens if taxes go up to pay for government spending?

Getting an answer to this question now is critical because there are financial strategies that can put your retirement cash flow into a zero percent tax bracket, but you have to plan ahead at least a little.

6. How do I prepare for long-term health care expenses?

Studies have shown health care costs can be the single biggest expense in retirement. (Source: What do you have in place now to ensure your long-term health care costs don’t ravage your retirement savings? There are solutions that don’t cost tens of thousands per year like long term care insurance, but if you don’t have them in place, they won’t do you any good.

If you aren’t 100% sure your retirement is optimized to provide the very most income possible from your savings, then request an Income Optimization Consultation today.